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My dear Eurotrash aficionados;
It is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement and the closing of my beloved shop, Eurotrash.  With our recent geographical change, it has become apparent that life has a different path in store for me for now, and I have come to the difficult decision to close doors by early July in order to focus my attention on our family and life in Houston, Texas.  I plan to fly home for a Retirement Soiree on May 17th and hope you can plan to join me then to celebrate Eurotrash and the years we’ve had together, as well as to enjoy our final Spring fashions - the last of my hand-picked curated collections, and, of course, a bit of bubbly.  I will, most of all, miss playing dress up with all of my wonderful customers and employees.  It has been such a joy and honor to know you through this little piece of the world you helped me to create.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to dress you and be a part of your lives, as you have been of mine.
With lots of love –
Anne xoxo  

​For more information, contact:
Anne Hughes
Anne Hughes of Eurotrash in Carytown announces the boutique’s closing.
RICHMOND, Va. - April 25, 2017 - For almost 10 years, Eurotrash, located at 3009 West Cary Street in Carytown, has been more than just a business for owner Anne Hughes.
“I founded Eurotrash out of my love of European fashion and the desire to bring what Europeans wear to Richmond.  But Eurotrash has given me so much more than that – it has given me a place in the community from which to support a myriad of philanthropic causes; the opportunity to own and run a business while raising my three children, all of whom spent their first year in the shop; and a venue in which to meet people who shared my love of travel and European fashion and culture,” said Hughes.
Having moved with her family from Richmond to Houston, Texas, over seven months ago; and with her children now 4, 6, and 8, Hughes is ready for a new challenge in life.  She has decided to close her boutique, Eurotrash, located in historic Carytown. 
“When I opened Eurotrash, it was my first baby.  In my ten years of being in business, I have had three children and feel so fortunate that I was able to juggle both worlds.  With our new geographic situation and my physical distance from the Richmond market, I have made the decision to focus my efforts on my family and close Eurotrash,” added Hughes.
Hughes will be returning to Richmond in mid-May to host a Soiree and promote the final Spring Collection at Eurotrash.  The store will begin publicizing its event to their loyal customer base through social media and direct emails.  “We want to make sure that our customers who have supported us over the decade have an opportunity to take advantage of our last curated collection, and we want to celebrate together all the joy that Eurotrash has brought into our lives,” she explained. 
“I have been blessed to meet some lifelong friends through my business endeavor, and I will miss that interaction most of all.”     
A Store Closing Sale will begin in the weeks ahead and will be promoted through social media.  All store merchandise will be discounted up to 75 percent off, with all store fixtures and displays also for sale.
The anticipated final days of the store will be in the first week of July.
Eurotrash’s beginnings
Anne Hughes started in the retail business when she was a high-school student growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia. She returned to retail after graduating from James Madison University, and ultimately opened Eurotrash in 2007.  
“Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I always wanted to go into business for myself.  Having lived overseas with a love for the fashions there, and a background in retail, Eurotrash came into being.” said Hughes.
“I wanted to create a boutique that catered to people who loved fashion-forward European fashion, where things were accessibly priced but special and unique.  My vision was to create a highly personalized shopping experience complete with stylings, closet cleanouts and private events.  We wanted our customers to feel like Eurotrash was somewhere they could count on to find that special piece for any occasion, one that that they were sure to get complimented on.  Ultimately, I wanted to help women feel beautiful at every age and size, and help them express themselves through their fashion.”
Eurotrash always stayed true to exclusively carrying lines that were European in their design, influence and manufacture.  Hughes believed in only carrying a few of each item she hand-selected to ensure exclusivity and a lack of oversaturation.  She introduced numerous lines to Richmond, such as Maison Scotch, Marimekko, Desigual, and Ted Baker; often carrying lines before they were picked up by major department stores and chains such as Anthropologie, like Amour Vert which Hughes found prior to a collaboration the brand did with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. 
Eurotrash quickly became a notable part of the RVA fashion scene, participating in numerous fashion shows and events such as Wine, Women & Shoes, and RVA Fashion Week, which they will participate in this year as their final fashion show.   
The Fabric of Eurotrash
Eurotrash has been very fortunate to have VCU and its Fashion Merchandising Department supply them with a wonderful group of employees over the years.  Having employees studying the field made the work environment a classroom of sorts for Hughes, a formally trained teacher.  “I loved the opportunity to exploit my employees’ interests and talents, and give them real-world exposure to the field in which they were studying.”  Recognizing her lack of formal education in the industry, Hughes did not solely take on those majoring in fashion.  “I realize that experience from other fields can provide a valuable perspective on the everyday of a business.  Having employees from a variety of backgrounds took the mundane out of the day and made the work environment very collaborative.  We all learned from each other and that’s what kept things moving forward at the shop.” 
Anne has always prided herself on having a wonderful staff, committed to their customers.  “We were always complimented on our customer service and the desire to go above and beyond to help.  We constantly looked for innovative ways to serve our customer base and grow it, through such things as extending our business to include services such as closet edits and our local styling service, Local Fix.  We launched our Wishlist in 2007 when we opened, providing people an opportunity to try on and have us send to others what they wanted.  Husbands, in particular, loved this as we would be able to complete transactions over the phone or via email, gift wrap and run everything for pick up curbside.  They knew it was what she wanted and in her size.  A total win-win.  And we did it before Amazon or any of the majors offered such a service.”  In fact, when Hughes started Eurotrash, it was MySpace and not Facebook.  Instagram had not been launched yet.  “The internet has become something that brick-and-mortar retailers can no longer ignore.  With many of my brands serving customers directly online and the convenience factor of having things shipped to your door to try on in the comfort of your own home and return without entering a boutique, stores have to adapt to survive.  I think there will always be a place for brick-and-mortar as people need to touch and see things in order to fully appreciate them – and shopping is a fun social experience, but I think the landscape is definitely changing and that there will be fewer brick-and-mortar shops in the coming years.”
Eurotrash may be closing its doors but Hughes still owns the federal trademark and online rights.  As of now, her webstore at ShopEurotrash.com will remain a part of Shoptiques.  She also owns the URL, TheRelevantWoman.com, and has been toying with the idea of a lifestyle blog geared at 30-50-something moms, focused on relevant ideas and products for their everyday.
<![CDATA[Memorial Day Packing Guide]]>Tue, 25 Apr 2017 15:27:39 GMThttp://shopeurotrash.com/our-thoughts-blog/memorial-day-packing-guideThe best part about a holiday weekend is the chance to unwind and relax. And we want to make sure the days leading up to the trip are stressless- so we've created the Memorial Day packing guide! Happy travels, friends!

1. The easiest and breeziest of Maison Scotch tops- a lightweight cotton top can really work wonders for your long weekend. It's versatile and can be thrown on with a pair of white jeans for that round of mini-golf, or tucked into a high-waisted pair of shorts for a dinner out.
2. Sunnies, All, Day, Protect your eyes from the sun. And do it fashionably with a pair of Ted Baker's!
3 & 4. We love color. And a fun pair of earrings or a patterned bracelet adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit. 
5. If you are someone who doesn't wear white until Memorial Day, then this dress is for you! We love this Press dress because of it's full cotton lining, and of course, the detail formed by the embroidered straps. It will be great to throw on over your bathing suit, or dressed up with some accessories for a night out.
6. Every lady needs a good pair of shorts. This pair of patterned Molly Bracken shorts will be an essential item in your summer wardrobe. With the fun colors mixed in, you have endless possibilities for mixing and matching. We suggest a thin pinstripe button down for a little bit of pattern play!
7. If you plan on being outside for the entire day, then having a lightweight scarf in your suitcase is essential for those chillier evenings. Plus- it's striped, Need we say more?
8. The It Bag. It's big enough to fit all you need for a day at the beach, and small enough to fit comfortably in the car. 
<![CDATA[The Little White Dress]]>Fri, 14 Apr 2017 15:37:49 GMThttp://shopeurotrash.com/our-thoughts-blog/the-little-white-dressThe beauty of the little white dress is that it has no limitations. Whether you're off to the beach or headed out on the town with your girls, look no further than your favorite white dress. Its simplicity makes it easy to accessorize with your own flair of style. Although the white dress is a staple piece for celebrations such as graduations and weddings, there are plenty of casual LWD's out there for your everyday wardrobe. A white shift looks great with a pair of sandals and a colorful bag, a fitted white dress is perfect for date night or parties, and a white maxi is the perfect pick for beach days or vacation. No matter the silhouette, there's an occasion for each kind! 
<![CDATA[Test your Amour Vert knowledge!]]>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 19:16:04 GMThttp://shopeurotrash.com/our-thoughts-blog/test-your-amour-vert-knowledgeLet us know how you scored and we'll enter your name into a raffle for a $50 gift certificate!
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<![CDATA[Spring Break Getaway Essentials]]>Sat, 18 Mar 2017 17:40:14 GMThttp://shopeurotrash.com/our-thoughts-blog/spring-break-getaway-essentialsThe weather is finally warming up in time for a much needed vacation. Whether you're venturing to the mountains, big city, or a beach, we've narrowed down the basics you need in your suitcase.
1. Striped scarf by See U Soon, $42- A lightweight scarf can function in so many different ways in the spring. Throw it over a blouse on chilly days, as a shawl around a loose tank, or even wrapped around your swimsuit. The possibilities are endless.
2. Denim jacket by Mavi, $118- Denim jackets have made quite the comeback in 2017. They can be worn over sundresses, a cute blouse, or even a sweater. They are the perfect layering piece to finish off any outfit- and to stay prepared for unpredictable spring weather.
3. High-waisted shorts by The Korner, $78.50- Could there be a cuter way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe than these shorts? Reminiscent of the Pantone Color of the Year, these shorts are the perfect hue. Don't be afraid to pair them with your favorite pair of wedges for a night out!
4. Romper by Bench, $72.50- Whether you're flying, driving, or taking a train, everyone needs a comfortable traveling outfit. The last thing you want is to be sitting in one place for hours in something uncomfortable.
5.  White tunic by Maison Scotch, $125- This blouse is lightweight, versatile, and can be dressed up or down. Wear it over your swimsuit during the day or dress it up with jeans and heels at night.
6. Printed maxi dress by Traffic People, $158.50 - Maxi dresses are the best way to look effortlessly chic. Appropriate for day or night, this maxi allows you to put on one item and be ready to hit the town.
7. Boyfriend jeans by Mavi, $118- No wardrobe is complete without a good pair of boyfriend jeans. They go with everything and this pair is so comfortable, you might forget you're not in your favorite sweats.

And just like that, you're off! We hope you enjoy whatever destination you're heading to this season. Let us know where you're going and what you're bringing with you in the comments below!
<![CDATA[Pop Quiz!]]>Wed, 08 Mar 2017 17:09:56 GMThttp://shopeurotrash.com/our-thoughts-blog/pop-quizIt's the fun kind, we promise.
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<![CDATA[´╗┐Add a little organization to your New Year!]]>Wed, 14 Dec 2016 16:49:03 GMThttp://shopeurotrash.com/our-thoughts-blog/add-a-little-organization-to-your-new-yearMake a resolution...make 20, but this year we wanted to make sure we got off to a good start with a clean and organized closet. We'll talk you through some of the steps we abide by here at Eurotrash. We'll make it easy, promise!

1. To keep you from pulling out your hair, we suggest organizing by season. Tackle your spring/summer apparel and fall/winter at different times. That way your closet will also be organized by season and you won't be shoving bathing suit cover ups out of the way while trying to find your winter parka. 
2. Don't try to do everything at once- carve out a few three hour periods over the month to tackle your closet's problem areas. That way, you don't get overwhelmed trying to do everything at once. We suggest starting out with the section that needs the most work- like maybe those 20 pairs of denim...hey, we don't judge. 
3. Start going through your section, and choose what you'd like to keep, toss or donate. We look over each piece to see if anything is a little too loved. If you find out that your favorite sweater has a few holes, maybe donate it or retire it to the section of clothes that you only wear lying around the house.  It's okay to have a "maybe" pile- you can go through this at the end once you've had some time to think.  
4. Once you've gotten your piles sorted, we start hanging up based on garment type and color. Start by organzing your basics (whites, tans, blacks) so tanks will go first, then short sleeves, and then longer sleeves. Once you've got your basics organized, start on your tops and blouses and organize them based on color, ROY G BIV style, if you please. 
5. We then hang pants and skirts behind the blouses to make picking out an outfit in the morning a breeze. 6. Behind the pants & skirts, organize dresses based on style & color. 
7. Of course, your accessories might need a little work too after you've organized your clothing. If you have a lot of belts or scarves, make sure they are hung up so you can see each one indiviudally. That way you're always aware of your options. Fold t-shirts, pajamas and workout gear and keep them in the same area so they are together and easy to access. 
8. If you've still got some energy, c'mon, we know you do!....then head on over to your shoes and start organizing those based on season as well. No point in having those flip flops out right now, unless that's just how you roll in the winter. 

We hope this has helped you get excited about all of those resolutions you've made in 2017! We know it can be overwhelming but everybody needs a little bit of help here and there. If you still need some styling help, or help organzing that closet, fill out our survey at shopeurotrash.com to have us come out to your home! Happy new year, everybody! We hope 2017 brings a lot of good cheer your way!


<![CDATA[The Eurotrash Gals take on the Holidays...one outfit at a time]]>Wed, 23 Nov 2016 18:59:59 GMThttp://shopeurotrash.com/our-thoughts-blog/the-eurotrash-gals-take-on-the-holidaysone-outfit-at-a-timeThe best part about fashion is that everyone has a different style.  We know what we look good in and feel good in. Here at Eurotrash, we pride ourselves on doing our best to help you find looks that are unique to your style. As fashion lovers, the girls here at Eurotrash all have different styles that we feel very passionate about expressing- so learn a little about the girls who put together those OOTD's and help you in-store! Enjoy our holiday looks! XO

Emily's Picks
1. Perhaps my number one favorite piece we have recieved in store this fall is the Maison Scotch checkered button-down. I love that it can be worn as a dress, with pants, or tucked into a skirt. This piece is great for traveling because it can be worn a multiple of ways. Layer it under a basic sweater, or with a skirt to get a two piece look. Or throw on with a pair of pants for a casual look perfect for the movies or to sit by the fire with family! 
2. The Maison Scotch pocket crop sweater is another favorite of mine because of its winter white look that is great to thrown on for added warmth. Paired over overalls, the sweater makes it look like a skirt and is cute for dinner with friends! Pair it with a winter white jean and beige turtleneck for the perfect mix of neutral colors that pair great with any skin tone!
3. The French Connection leatherette leggings are an amazing piece that offers a twist to the basic black leggings you turn to every season. Mixing fabrics is great to do with outfits because it adds dimension as well as an intriguing look to every outfit. Wearing a bit of sparkle with a cardigan is great for the winter season and dresses up the look even more. Pairing under a dress makes for a perfect winter look and adds a nice touch instead of black tights! A patterned top is the perfect twist to wear with leggings and helps to add some color to the edgy pant.

Heather's Picks

1. For my first pick, I styled a Molly Bracken tank in four different ways. This versatile top can easily be worn to any occasion, from a day at work to a night out. Styling the tank with a pair of denim or a simple suede skirt is perfect for day-time events. But by adding a fun, fuzzy cardigan or a colored blazer, it takes the top from day-time casual to Christmas-party ready. 
2. Another piece I'm really loving this season is our Yumi kimono. It's a great weight and really brings an outfit together. For a casual look I love it layered over a floral turtleneck top and paired with some distressed denim. It also looks great layered over a shift dress because you can tie it at the waist and give yourself some definition. And it can be used to tone down a busier look seen here with our Darling culottes.

Bronwyn's Picks
1. Amour Vert is one of my favorite brands here at Eurotrash because of their commitment to taking care of the enviornment- one stitch at a time. Their Angela top is a piece that I was automatically drawn to because of the way it drapes-and honestly, just how well it fits on every body type. I have 2 different colors and I love how I can transition it from day to night. For a more casual look, I like to pair my top with a pair of Mavi denim and a great clutch. I think it looks equally as wonderful in the evening layered under a chunky Desigual cardigan and tucked into a jewel toned pair of Maison Scotch pants. The long sleeve version is great for Winter because it can be layered under a vest or jacket for a warmer ensemble. 
2. My second pick is the softest dress you've ever felt- of course it's a Press Dress! For a tailored look, I layered mine under a Poppylux grey duster and added some fun texture with a longer necklace. This holiday season, I have a lot of events that I need to attend so this dress is a no brainer. You can just as easily throw on a sparkly Maison Scotch jacket for a dressier look. And for a casual look I would wear it as a tunic over some skinny denim.
​3. This season faux fur has been on my mind. I think it's a great way to add texture to any outfit and Maison Scotch made their's cropped which I love even more. I think for work/daytime it is super cute with a button down underneath and a good pair of denim or a checkered trouser. It is the perfect layering piece to throw on over a patterned shirt dress. 

Isabelle's Picks
1. There is nothing more fun a fuzzy pink sweater. I like the bit of fun that it adds to any outfit while still being a practical piece that you can easily add into your wardrobe. I'm a fan of donning a monochromatic look with multiple shades of pink. If done correctly, a monochromatic outfit can be just as stunning as an outfit with many colors and patterns. Our Yumi pink sweater also looks great tucked into a high waisted skirt for a more structured fit or layered on top of a turtleneck for extra warmth!
2. An oversized sweater is something that everyone needs in their closet. This Press v-neck sweater can be styled numerous different ways. For a more casual look, I would throw it on with a buttery soft pair of Press pants and a Bench knit scarf. It can take you into the evening with a pair of French Connection faux leather pants or be a great layering piece when you need a little extra coziness during these chillier days! 
<![CDATA[One Dress, Four Ways]]>Sun, 06 Nov 2016 20:56:07 GMThttp://shopeurotrash.com/our-thoughts-blog/one-dress-four-ways
The beauty of a classic is that it never goes out of style and can be worn so many different ways. This Amour Vert wrap dress embodies what a classic really is: a timeless piece that can be worn anywhere, anytime, by anyone. I decided to style this flattering LBD four completely different ways to give you a glimpse at its versatility with the help of some of my favorite accessories. The first look, "all black everything," creates a chic look perfect for a fashionista's day- or night-time plans. The structure of the bag, hat, and perfectly pointed heel is guaranteed to show off your style-savvy personality. The next look, "all wrapped up," is perfect for the impending cold months. With a cozy Molly Bracken scarf wrapped around you, you can stay warm and stylish all at once! Rustic boots complete the look, making it perfect for your more casual indoor or outdoor plans. The third look, "pop of color," works for the office or lunch with the girls. Throwing a light suede jacket in the most beautiful jewel-tone blue over the dress gives you a polished yet interesting look. You won't catch anyone in the streets matching you in that unique pair! The last look, "all dressed up," consists of a low heel and statement necklace, but the sparkly clutch is definitely the added touch that will have heads turning. Perfect for date night or a holiday party, this ensemble exudes elegance and a keen eye for the finer things. Cheers to a dress that we can style for Monday morning just as beautifully as we can for Saturday night!

​xo Ally
<![CDATA[Fall Favorites- Picked by the Eurotrash Gals!]]>Thu, 20 Oct 2016 19:42:19 GMThttp://shopeurotrash.com/our-thoughts-blog/fall-favorites-picked-by-the-eurotrash-galsFall means spiced cider, pumpkin picking & fashion forward looks. This season we're bringing you some of our favorites- with styles picked from your very own Eurotrash girls! 

Bronwyn: My picks for Fall revolve around one thing- coziness. I have a hundred sweaters but it doesn't matter because sweaters can be worn in so many different ways, or at least that's what I keep telling myself. I love a thick knit, like our See U Soon oatmeal cardi. It adds a bit of texture to an outfit.  Dresses are something that I never get tired of wearing. They're easy and in Fall & Winter they look super cute paired with some opaque tights or leggings. Our Maison Scotch embroidered dress is the perfect amount of pattern and color for my Fall wardrobe. Lastly, I cannot enjoy fall without denim (and a slight bootcut). Darker denim is my go-to during the colder months. 

Ally: My fall picks represent some of my favorite things this season: mixed prints, laces, and leather. I love this Desigual bag because it can be used for many occasions as it functions as either a clutch or a purse. Its mixed patterns and neutral colors allow it to pair well with any of the items in my closet. I love the lace-up trend we've been seeing this year, making this French Connection tunic one of my must-haves for this fall. It looks amazing with my over-the-knee boots when I need to dress it up a little! Finally, this Traffic People dress completes my fall wardrobe. The leather adds just the right amount of edge but the flare of the skirt makes it more girly, which is the perfect balance for me. I can't wait to wear this for an upcoming date night, fall wedding, or holiday party.

Emily: My picks this season are the perfect pieces to add to your closet. These particular items are my favorite because they are easy to throw on over any basic you have in your closet to dress it up, or achieve a cozy look in the chillier months. The French Connection poncho is perfect to throw on over a pair of white skinny jeans for a winter white look. I love our Traffic People blazer for the season because it is a great fun twist to the basic black blazer that everyone has. The blazer offers a sophisticated vibe and is perfect to wear over a pair of dress pants or out to dinner for a dressier look. The Molly Bracken cardigan is my absolute favorite to pair with anything from work looks to just lounging around the house. It has an amazing hand to it,  is a great length, and is the perfect twist of sophistication and edge with the chain detail.